Our Purpose:

To enhance the welfare of people with extreme difficulties
To work cooperatively to manage crisis, challenging behaviour and complex needs
To empower individuals, enable and encourage positive participation and progress in all aspects of a person’s life

Mission Statement

Inner Resources is a committed outreach team who provide focused high level individual and family support.

The aim of our work is to achieve good outcomes for children and adults who are in crisis and experiencing extreme difficulties.

Our approach is open, non-judgmental and based on genuine encouragement, cooperative management and practical interventions.

Through our own commitment to integrity and understanding we assist our clients to build a relationship based on trust and empathy.

This relationship then provides a platform for a person to find stability and manage their circumstances moving towards choice based living and independence.

Our purpose at Inner Resources is to provide a framework that enables individuals and families to remain intact and improve how they manage their lives.

Phillip Skelton

Inner Resources