How We Aim to Do This

Each member of the team brings his or her own knowledge, experience, and commitment to Inner Resources. This is enhanced through a variety of individual training and development opportunities provided by the company. Working closely together allows the team to support each other and provide a high level of consistency to achieve the best results possible.

Each member of staff at Inner Resources embodies the three core conditions of the person-centred approach to creating helping relationships with others. These are:

  1. Unconditional Positive Regard – non-judgmental acceptance, caring
  2. Empathy – understanding, sensitivity, active listening without personal agenda
  3. Congruence – genuineness, realness, honesty, transparency, demonstrating through our actions and what we say our commitment to meeting the needs of the person


Our initial focus when asked to work with a person is to develop an empowering and trusting relationship with them; this relationship becomes the foundation for further work.


The success and quality of this relationship provides the possibility and context for the person to engage and explore new learning, behaviours and increased awareness of potential within themselves. This creates the platform to work on increasing self-esteem and positive belief and encouraging an attitude of hope. This allows the opportunity to make progress in behaviour management, social skills learning, improved interaction and communication with others, practical living skills and confidence.

Towards Living

The experience for the person is that they begin to move away from the problematic aspects of their past and begin to embrace their differentness in a positive and purposeful way, this allows for a reduction in experiences and feelings of failure, resignation, isolation and dependence and moves towards action, achievement, engagement and independence.