Qualifications and Standards

Health and Social Care

  • Inner Resources Staff are required to gain a Level 3 diploma in health and social care


Safeguarding Children and Child Protection

  • Inner Resources staff are trained to Level 1 Child Protection Awareness
  • Company Director is trained to Level 3 Child Protection Advanced
  • Inner Resources staff are familiar with and adhere to the Safeguarding Children Code of Conduct

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

  • Inner Resources staff undertake training in protecting vulnerable adults
  • Inner Resources staff are familiar with and adhere to the Vulnerable Adults Code of Conduct

Physical Intervention

  • Inner Resources staff will be trained in and receive a NFPS Ltd Level 2 qualification in the safe use of physical intervention for working with vulnerable people, this will include up to date legal and medical guidance
  • Inner Resources can provide training to others and award a NFPS Ltd Level 2 qualification in the use of physical intervention and in self-awareness/defense and risk management for lone workers

Health and Safety at Work Act

  • Inner Resources staff are required to take responsible care for the health and safety of him/herself and other persons who may be affected by his/her acts or omissions at work
  • First Aid training - "Emergency aid in the workplace for appointed persons", is provided for all staff, and renewed every three years


  • Inner Resources staff understand their responsibility to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and Code of Practice on Confidentiality and Data Protection


  • All team members of Inner resources undergo regular support and supervision and CPD throughout the year to enhance skills and knowledge.